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By combining powerful insights, innovative chemistry and personalized service, SMARTPOWER™ brings your foodservice operation a new level of food safety, simplicity and sustainability.   


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Full visibility and control improve processes, reducing rewash and labor costs.


Highly effective formulas are designed to eliminate the toughest food soils.

Delivering the best hands-on service in the industry ensures your success.

Ecolab leverages leading-edge innovation to provide solutions to help you obtain clean results while helping to save water, energy and, ultimately, costs.


Ecolab’s warewashing solutions help you provide spotless dishware, glassware and silverware, making a positive impact on your guests and keep them coming back.


Leasing a dishmachine from Ecolab allows you to focus on your business with the security of knowing your warewashing operation is properly managed.


Partner with Ecolab to solve your toughest warewashing challenges with the complete program, combining powerful chemistry with smart technology and world-class service.

Machine Products

smartpower™ dishmachine Detergent

SMARTPOWER™ Dishmachine Detergent is a high performing machine warewashing detergent for use in soft to moderate water conditions, and effective on all types of food soils.

smartpower™ dishmachine detergent Heavy Duty

SMARTPOWER™ Dishmachine Detergent Heavy Duty is a high performing machine warewashing detergent for use in the toughest water conditions and soil loads.

smartpower™ Dishmachine detergent metal safe

SMARTPOWER™ Dishmachine Detergent Metal Safe is a solid machine detergent for use in washing aluminum and other soft metals.

smartpower™ dishmachine detergent specialty

SMARTPOWER™ Dishmachine Detergent Specialty is a 100% chlorine free, high performing machine warewashing detergent for use in soft to moderate water hardness and regular soil loads.

smartpower™ Rinse additive all purpose

SMARTPOWER™ Rinse Additive All Purpose is a high performing machine warewashing rinse additive for use in normal water conditions.

smartpower™ Rinse additive Heavy Duty

SMARTPOWER™ Rinse Additive Heavy Duty is a high performing machine warewashing rinse additive for use in water hardness over 8 grains.

(SmartPower™) Solid Sanitizer

This product is recommended for use in food processing plant premises and equipment, dairy/cheese processing premises and equipment, poultry processing plant premises and equipment, eating establishments, eating establishment equipment/utensils, milk shake machines and soft serve ice cream machines.

Manual products

Smartpower™ Manual Detergent

SMARTPOWER™ Manual Detergent is a phosphorus and phosphate free concentrated, solid detergent that removes tough grease and soil for use in 3-compartment sinks.

(smartpower™) Solid Quat Broad-Range Sanitizer

SMARTPOWER™ Solid Quat Broad-Range Sanitizer effectively sanitizes and helps prevent the transmission of germs from food contact surfaces such as countertops, stovetops, sinks, dishware, glassware, silverware and other hard, non-porous surfaces.

smartpower™ Presoak cutlery/flatware

SMARTPOWER™ Presoak Cutlery/Flatware breaks down food soil films from starch and protein that machine washing can’t remove, reducing the need for multiple rewashes.

smartpower™ Presoak pot and pan

SMARTPOWER™ Presoak Pot and Pan is specifically formulated to soak off tough grease and baked-on solids before wares are washed and sanitized.