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Mineral processing plants are challenged to increase recovery with more complex ores and to meet these high metallurgical performance goals, you need to have the right reagents to maintain froth quality.  Nalco Water’s FrothPro products offer a wide range of alcohol- and glycol-based products and blends that allow you to optimize your flotation conditions.


The frothers work above and below the surface by adjusting the surface tension. Below the surface we create smaller, more stable bubbles to maximize mineral attachment. Above the surface we create a protective layer to prevent coalescence and maintain mobility. Finding the right frother for your plant involves balancing the strength to support the maximum particle load, while maintaining mobility to maximize your mass recovery rate. 

FrothPro has proven to deliver measurable results:

  • Reduced reagent consumption.
  • Increased recovery
  • Improved grade (Selectivity)

Nalco Water’s trained field engineers are committed to providing the on-site assistance to implement the right flotation program to help mines meet production goals. Contact us today, to find out how Nalco Water’s FrothPro frothers can help you.

Success Stories

A Customized Frother Program Increases Copper and Moly Recovery
FrothPro frothers helped a US Copper producer increase copper recovery by 2% and molybdenum by greater that 9% while also allowing the customer to decrease environmental footprint and VOC content of their reagent program.
FrothPro 507 Reduces Total Cost of Operation and Improves Performance
A South American copper mine changed to FrothPro frothers which not only increased copper recovery by $12.6 million per year but also decreased chemical usage by 37% saving significant labour and environmental costs.